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VNPS has provided you with a resource for optimizing your health. These links are non-affiliated. We have no direct connection to these sites and we receive no compensation for recommending their use.
These companies provide valuable information and high quality supplements and products to meet a variety of healthcare needs. Feel free to browse the listings and explore these websites to help you fulfill your healthcare goals.

You will find that the information on these websites go against the conventional, sick-care model. There is much to be learned here, so save these links and visit them regularly to increase your options for supporting your wellness journey.

Purchase these products at your own discretion.

Body Health. Developed by Dr. David Minkoff, physician and over 40 time ironman triathlete. He’s in his 70s and still competing. Perfect Amino is a product he developed that can help you meet and optimize your protein needs. This is crucial for healing of chronic disease and overall health and well being. He has a variety of other amazing products as well. A word of warning, the Perfect Amino powder is made with Stevia and has a very distinct taste. If you are intolerant to Stevia, then consider getting the tablets.

Econugenics. A company developed by physician and researcher, Dr. Isaac Eliaz. He offers a variety of supplements for general health and chronic disease support. Pectasol is a modified citrus pectin that can provide total body wellness support. It is a special form of beneficial fiber. Explore his website for more details. This product is especially useful for digestive conditions such as diarrhea and gas, but can be beneficial for other conditions.

Global Healing. Offers natural supplements and educational material for holistic healing. Oxy-powder is a natural digestive cleanse product that can help with constipation, bloating, and gas. Feel free to explore their other products as well.

Green Pasture and Rosita Cod liver oil. Cod liver oil (CLO) is a super food. However, not any brand will do. The cod liver oils you see at your local supermarket are often rancid and of poor quality. To put it plainly, either get a good brand of CLO or don’t take it at all. Green Pasture and Rosita offers a variety of high quality CLO and other products at a reasonable price. Strongly suggest visiting the Weston A. Price page on cod liver oil basics. ; ;

The Beljanski Foundation: Curious about natural approaches to cancer treatment. Potent plant extracts are available that have been shown to be safe and effective. Explore the work of French molecular biologist, Dr. Mirko Beljanski.
Learn about his legacy and products here:

Trace Minerals: Feeling sluggish, fatigued, or suffering from frequent muscle cramping? You may have an electrolyte and mineral imbalance. Our soils are depleted, so you may not be getting enough of these important substances in your food, leading to a wide variety of symptoms. Trace Minerals offers many high quality, easily absorbable supplements to help replace these missing elements.

Orawellness: “Holistic Solutions for Your Oral Health.” This company offers amazing natural products for oral health and various mouth ailments. Orawellness has treatments to help address periodontal disease, tooth remineralization, and bad breath. They also provide great educational material. My family and I have really benefited from using their products for all of our oral health needs. Consider giving them a try. Visit:

The Daily Essential Co. Clean, natural skin care products can make a big difference in your skin care routine. The free Skin Care Quiz can help you find which products are best for your skin type. No artificial ingredients and made in the USA. Find your new favorite skin care items here:

Dr. Raymond Peat, PhD in Biology. His website provides free articles on his research in aging, nutrition, and hormones. A lot of in depth information that will give you a completely different view on these topics.

Weston A. Price Foundation. A source of information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices based on the findings of Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist and explorer. He traveled the globe to study the dental health of civilizations that were uninfluenced by western culture. He discovered that the isolated peoples were much healthier and robust in comparison to western civilization. This organization is run by Sally Fallon Morell to help make his findings available to the public. A wealth of information can be found here.

Low Dose Naltrexone. LDN is an underutilized therapeutic approach to optimizing the immune system, which can be beneficial in a wide variety of health conditions. LDN treatment has been used for cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammatory conditions, and acute and chronic infections. Naltrexone use is considered off label when used at lower doses but has been shown to be safe and effective. LDN is by prescription only and is available through VNPS.

You can visit these sites to learn more about this amazing treatment option.;