Peptide Therapy: The Basics

How can you improve your overall health and well-being, reduce the effects of aging, and reduce symptoms of chronic disease? Peptide therapy may be the answer. 

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that exist in the body to perform various functions. Some commonly known peptides include insulin, glucagon, and oxytocin. 

Peptide therapy involves utilizing a synthetic version of natural peptides as a targeted treatment for a specific issue. It can help to supplement naturally occurring peptides that we may produce less of as we get older or during chronic disease states. Peptide therapy can help to improve the bodies response to these natural molecules and help you feel better.

Peptide therapy examples:

*Growth hormone secretagogues (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone). These peptides act to stimulate natural growth hormone release. By stimulating the body to produce more growth hormone instead of supplementing with actual growth hormone, you reduce the risks associated with growth hormone supplementation. Examples of growth hormone secretagogues include sermorelin, ipamorelin, and CJC 1295. 

Benefits may include a wide array of anti-aging effects. Increased bone and muscle mass, improved skin elasticity and appearance, fat loss, improved sleep quality, enhanced hormonal profile, and improved sexual performance. 

*BPC-157. Body Protection Compound 157 is a peptide found in gastric fluids. It has been shown to be beneficial in improving tissue recovery. The oral form may help with GI issues, including stomach ulceration, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), IBS symptoms, and inflammation in the bowels. The injection form can help with muscle, tendon, and joint injury. There is on going research on the uses of BPC-157 and its many benefits.

There are FDA approved peptides, but peptide therapies are generally off label when used for wellness. These treatments are considered safe with low side effect profiles, but side effects may include joint or muscle pain, elevated blood sugars, edema, allergic reactions or antibody development to the peptide. Some peptides should be avoided if there is known cancer. 

If you think you may benefit from peptide therapy, feel free to schedule an appointment at VNPS Wellness clinic. There are dozens of peptides available for various conditions. Treatment with peptides can take time to see the benefits, so 3-6 month courses are usually recommended. 

We obtain our peptides from FDA regulated compounding pharmacies and we are happy to help you find a peptide to get you to your wellness goals.

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